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Best Halloween Masks

Unleash your inner creativity with our unique Halloween masks for sale. Stand out form others on this spook-tacular Halloween!

About Our Halloween Masks

Want something different for Halloween? What can be better than tons of wonderful paper masks?

Papercraft World offers many great 3D halloween masks that you can build. There's something for everyone in this collection of great masks that you can make from the comfort of your own home!

These masks are a great way to stick out at your next Halloween after enjoying some quality papercrafting time.

Are these masks actually wearable?

Of course! These great paper masks not only look great, but they can be worn to create a truly unique Halloween costume.

Do all masks require gluing?

Most do, but some of our paper masks don't require glue – only folding and adhesive stickers (included)! The masks that only take folding are clearly marked on the product page for your convenience.