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Paper Craft Table & Floor Models

Craft an enchanting world on your tabletop or floor with our dynamic papercrafts!

How The Tables Turn!

Finding table decor has never been easier! Transform your home into everything you have ever wanted with our magnificent craft items made for the unique papercraft decor experience!

Imagine your home as it is right now, now considers this - what’s missing? We know it can be difficult to answer this objectively as your home is special and holds so much meaning and significance for you that can’t really be measured into binaries of good & bad. But give it a try still.

Now imagine an adorable papercraft animal sitting on your corner table of your common seating area. Doesn’t it feel like it fits? Such are our exquisite pieces that go with every home & decor type!

And once you take these home, you’ll be grateful you did, because you’ll realize that these are the beauties that you didn’t even know you needed!

And what’s better than finding a zillion variations through which you can keep your creative senses alive and rejuvenated? At Papercraft World, find everything ranging from adorable bunnies or a 3d shark if that’s what you long for!

Often considered symbols of bad luck when they cross your path, black cats get a bad rap. Subtle and mysterious, our black cat papercraft is just the decoration you need to honour your favourite feline friends. Get our personal favourite Black Cat Model online now.

Your choice can reveal a lot about yourself, and we promise we’ll be there through every phase & whim alike! & let you explore and express yourself as crazy and wild as you want to be!