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Best Papercraft for Kids

Looking for an activity for your children? These papercrafts are perfect to enhance creativity and steer them away from devices.

3 Benefits of Papercrafts for Kids

Kids get several great benefits from practicing papercrafts. While encouraging creativity and art is always a good thing, working with papercrafts also gives the three major benefits of helping to develop crucial problem solving skills, reducing screen time, and creating great family time with parents, siblings, and other family members.

1. Reduces Screen Time

Too much screen time can terribly affect attention span. Replacing time on the smartphone, TV, or online by working on the fun projects Papercraft World offers replaces harmful screen time with a creative, artistic activity that is fun.

2. Helps Develop Problem Solving Skills

Our papercrafts are marked for easier cutting and assembly, but carefully gluing pieces together by matching and figuring out how to hold pieces in place while the glue dries all help grow good problem-solving skills like understanding patterns, following instructions, and seeing a project through. 

This leads to feeling joy and pride in doing the project well, in addition to building those problem solving skills that are helpful in so many other areas of life.           

3. Bonding Time with Parents and/or Siblings

Family time is a great thing, but not all family time is the same. When you're working together on actually building something, teamwork and the bonding is much more valuable than everyone in the same room on a phone or tablet or watching TV without talking to one another.

Papercraft World offers all kinds of papercraft projects that are great for young kids to challenging enough for the artistic teenager to find themselves engrossed in. Whether you want a papercraft project that is easy, hard, or somewhere in the middle, there are plenty of great options to choose from.         

Common Questions           

What age can you start papercrafting?

Papercrafting can be a great activity for children as young as six!

Our easiest projects, marked "Beginner" are for ages 6 and up while "Easy" projects are for ages 10 and up. More complex projects continue to a recommended starting age of 16 or older.

Will kids need help with building the models?

Older kids used to arts and crafts probably will not need help.

However, younger kids likely will and aside from being a great family activity, it's good to supervise because scissors and glue are involved.