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Yes! You can see them here.

We recommend a tacky liquid glue stick or a fast drying glue to be used for the assembly. Our favourite brand is Aleene's Tacky Glue.

- Standard White Glue: can be used but will increase assembly time

- Super Glue: only for experienced builders or after a good amount of practice

- Hot Glue Guns: can be used but it is possible they will warp the shape of the paper, not recommended

- Glue Sticks: not recommended

- Double Sided Tape: not recommended

If using a fast drying glue is not an option, some of our customers have found small art magnets are useful for holding pieces in place while they dry.

It's amazing but yes! To assemble you’ll need some free time and the assembled design will bring you relaxation and fun, and a deserved sense of pride. Our templates are made as conveniently as possible. All of them have an intuitive assembly and numbered parts.

Beginner - ages 6+

★★ Easy - ages 10+ 

★★★ Normal - ages 12+ 

★★★★ Challenging - ages 16+ 

★★★★★ Legendary - ages 16+ build if you dare! 

From the Easy models and up, models generally require supervision and instruction by adults.

We use 100% recycled materials in all of our products. Our designs are made with 250gsm, also known as 110lb pearlescent paperboard. It's strong (and light) stuff! 

Our masks can withstand humidity, however direct contact with water will damage your mask. Please don't wear them in the rain or under champagne showers. Some of our customers have added a laquer or spray paint layer to their masks to help in watery environments. 

Yes, it is not a problem to wear glasses as there is space within our masks. 

Our masks are one size fits most. For people with very large brains or a lot of hair, we recommend the Werewolf, Antelope, Red Devil, Jaguar, and Gorilla, though most other masks will fit as they expand or contract to size. For very small heads or younger people our masks will work and in some cases wearing a beanie or a cloth will help them fit snug. 

Yes, you can see very well out of our masks, however we do not recommend driving or any other risky business. 

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Yes! We're currently a Patron Level Corporate Sponsor of Rainforest Trust.