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Best Dog Papercrafts

Unleash your creativity with our delightful Papercraft Dogs, and build a loyal, low-maintenance, paper best friend!

About Our Dog Papercraft Models

Plenty of dog lovers here at Papercraft World! For all the dog lovers out there we've designed some great models to build a paper version of "Man's Best Friend."

Our kits come with all you need to create a 3D papercraft model of some of the most popular dogs out there.

Pug and Beagle lovers in particular should love the models we have available, and we highly recommend the Pug for true beginners who want to start out easy.

Do the models have everything I need?

You will want your glue (we recommend Aleene's Papercraft Glue), but the model kits come with all the paper and the shapes already etched out for easy cutting.

All you need to do is fold and glue as the instructions tell you and you're on your way to a fantastic 3D papercraft.