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Best Papercraft Lamps

Illuminate your space with a creative DIY twist – our enchanting Papercraft Lamps add a touch of magic in reach room!

Time to rise and shine!

Bid adieu to laziness and say hello to inspiration. Changing the lighting of a space can change the entire look of your room. A cool paper lamp is a stylish addition to your space and could easily become a conversation starter.

Everybody needs a good bedside lamp for some light night reading or completing the priority office work that needs your immediate attention and many more little tasks. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could get a lamp that would facilitate all such tasks for you, and also be a treat to the eyes?

This is where we come in! We don’t sell lamps like the rest- plain boring & old! We took the concept & freshened it up with our peculiar choice and premium taste! Present unique table lamps as 3d paper art as you’ve never seen before made of paper!

Take a leap! Inspired by rainforests, jungles, and zoo life, this 3D green paper wall art tree frog lamp is a unique decoration designed to celebrate the biodiversity of ecosystems.

Our Lamps are a class apart from the rest, and we’ll tell you why! The first thing to swoon you off your feet is their DIY nature that makes these lamps more than mere objects- it makes them an experience! An experience that is meant to be fun & worth cherishing.

Explore our range of eye-catching table lamps that best fit every theme and taste & find so many interesting types of animal lamps and more! For instance, our adorable cat lamp is set to rid your mind of any resistance to getting our lamps if any!