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Low Poly Papercraft 3D Models

Start your crafting journey with our easy-to-make low poly papercrafts, perfect for kids and beginners!

What is Low Poly Papercraft?

Low Poly papercraft is a fun craft that teaches you to make cute 3D paper objects.

These could be small birds, large cats, or other animals, or landscapes. Here at Papercraft World you can find the best designs for your favorite animals, paper masks, wall art, and full-sized paper models. 

These are printed patterns on paper with numbers on the edges to tell you how and when to fold. Cut out the shapes, follow directions to bend them, and then glue the shapes together to make your own low poly papercraft art!

The models and designs sold on Paper Craft World are quite a bit easier to learn and follow, and are great for family nights or bringing out your inner artist!

Why use our low poly papercraft models?

We offer a wide variety of fun designs that include decorations, models, masks, or even paper covers for your own paper lamps.

These are tested designs that are fun, cute, and a lot of fun to put together. They also look great when finished!

If you love the look of low poly art, these designs let you create real-life 3D models out of simple shapes that come together to make something super! 

Common Questions Answered

What is low poly?

Low poly is short for low polygon which is a fancy way of saying "basic shapes with sharp edges."

These are designs that use squares, triangles, and basic shapes like that with sharp edges to create good-looking art.

What is the difference between high-poly and low poly?

High-poly uses a much higher number of smaller shapes and lines. This makes a project look "more realistic" but also makes it much, much harder and takes more work to finish. Low poly focuses on using far fewer shapes, but getting the most out of each shape or fold. 

High-poly tries to be a little more realistic while low poly goes for a cool-looking style.

Is low poly papercraft kid-friendly?

Yes. Some papercraft shapes are more challenging than others so you will want to start with basic models in the beginning, but kids take to low poly papercraft very well and these designs make for a great family activity to spend time together.