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Cat Papercraft Kits

Craft the purr-fect companion and bring our adorable Papercraft Cats to life – no litter box required!

Build a Cat Papercraft Today!

We love cats at Papercraft World! To celebrate our feline friends, we've designed a collection of cat 3D paper models that you can build in the comfort of your home.

With our kits, you receive everything you need to start building today! 

We highly recommend starting with our stretching cat model as that is the most beginner-friendly

Are these kits 3D?

Yes! All of our kits, including the cats, are three-dimensional (3D) and built out of only paper. 

What is paper crafting?

Papercrafting is the idea of building 3D designs with the use of paper. 

During the process, you will utilize a range of techniques, such as folding, cutting, gluing, and assembling. Our kits come in flat sheets of paper with various shapes already etched out of various colors of paper. 

Your job is to put the pieces together and form the amazing 3D objects that you purchased. Easy peasy!