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New In Home Decor- Paper Crafts!

Derek Rohde

All the Home Decor enthusiasts know how stressful it can be to find fun, quirky, and different items to adorn in your home. You can keep scrolling through hundreds and thousands of items online, or explore every nook and cranny of your local artifact market and still might not find those unique table lamps you’ve been meaning to display on your corner table.

In times like these, you need to think out of the box as home decorators. And more often than not, thinking out of the box simply means giving things a chance! Things that have been in front of you all this time, but you just lacked the perspective to see their true potential.

One Such beguiling possibility you have been sleeping on till now is Paper Crafts!

Paper Crafts- More Than Origami!

When the word papercraft is brought up, all of us are guilty of visualizing those cute little origami animals, and never going beyond them! And to be honest, it’s nobody’s fault really, as a generation we have not been exposed to enough craft items to adequately know the difference and recognize one form apart from another.

So here’s a quick refresher to open your mind about paper crafts, and how versatile they truly can be!

By definition, paper crafts are craft items made out of paper. So anything from the simple paper planes and fans you used to play with in childhood to the elaborate and intricate designs like Lamps, animal figurines (and yes of course Origami) falls under the umbrella of papercraft items.

Their origin can be traced back to China with a rich history in paper ornaments used for numerous occasions and festivities as modes of decoration and for symbolic purposes.

Generally, the umbrella includes various items and art forms like scrapbooking, collages, paper mache, and so many more, but today we’ll be focusing primarily on figurines and structures made out of folded paper.

Now it may feel like we’ve really narrowed down the focus, but there can be observed an overwhelming variety in designs and forms even in this sub-category. You can find items like-



Table Lamps

Decorative Items

Flower Pots


Wall Arts

And these are just to name a few!

Why Pick Paper Craft For Your Home?

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the kind of products we’re talking about, let’s delve into why these are the new discovery in home decor that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Won’t Hurt The Pocket!

Oftentimes when we’re remodeling and have our eyes set on a certain decor item, we have to compromise and leave it behind to keep up with our budgets. The most appealing part about decorating any space in your home with papercraft models is that you won’t have to stress about the costings before picking a design!

Since these are made of paper, they don’t really come at exorbitant prices that leave your jaws on the floor. That’s not saying papercraft items are cheap, but for the quality and quirk they have, the prices are generally a steal!

You can find various designs in various price ranges, making them ideal for any type of decor setting you wish to create. You can inspire a cute and cozy setting by getting fun crafts of animals and animated characters, or bring your vision of a sophisticated aura to life by getting wall arts in various crafty designs. Both of these scenarios end the same way- with you smiling, satisfied with your decor, and with bucks to spare in your pocket!

So don’t be a stickler and keep an open mind when it comes to decorating your lovely home!

Will Make Heads Turn!

If there is one thing to be said about the introduction of papercraft items to the Home Decor universe, it's that it is indeed peculiar! As a concept, it is so fresh and never thought of before that it never ceases to grab people’s attention when they first hear of it.

So imagine the amazement people will experience when they these unique and stunning items as decorations in your home. And to forget all the compliments you’ll be bombarded with along with the “where did you get these” inquiries you’re going to have to answer.

The striking designs in eye-catching colors are set to mesmerize onlookers and leave them bewildered when they hear it's made of paper! Take this stunning piece for instance.

Red Lips

The bright red lips element with a sultry tooth detail is a dynamic 3D wall decor item that will create a powerful impression on everyone. Having this chic piece in your home is how you can truly express your bold, dynamic, and out-there self.

Not to forget how crazy it sounds when you tell people this is made of paper!

Not only this, you can find such a wide variety of papercraft designs that you can recreate almost any aesthetic in your personal sanctuary and make it different than others.

Convinced yet? Well, you should be, but we’ve got more reasons coming just in case.

Family Fun Time!

All this while, we’ve been talking about papercraft items and products with the general assumption that you’d be buying these products or sourcing them from somewhere, but lest we forget that it's papercraft! YOU CAN MAKE IT YOURSELF!

The origins of papercraft as we all know now were as recreational group activities that people in a home would do together before a big wedding or occasion to decorate the house with the same craft items the next day.

So why can’t we do that today?

Why miss out on such a fun bonding experience with your loved ones, when you can have it and beautify your home in the process as well? Imagine your little ones running around making papercraft animals with you and later helping you place them around your home.

Wholesome isn’t it? You can have this experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. This in itself is priceless, but with papercraft, you can live it by next to nothing on art supplies instead of expensive decorators and decors.

Your Solo Serene Sanctuary!

Apart from a collective activity, making papercrafts for your home can also be a relaxing solo activity you can do on your own! We’re not suggesting this for the sake of it, we are backed by research and years of wisdom.

Scientists say that the schematic and repetitive rhythm of origami or other such papercraft styles can be soothing for the mind. These generally follow a set of steps to create the desired design, which is helpful to bring order to our chaotic lives.

To elaborate, when we work with papercraft, our brain gets too consumed in remembering the steps and following the procedure that it starts zoning out from the outside world. This not only calms us from the thousands of thoughts that cross our minds usually but also enhances our focus and increases our attention span.

Papercrafting is oftentimes recommended as helping aid to people dealing with Anxiety & Stress disorders.

So it’s literally therapeutic! 

Apart from this, it also has proven benefits for our mind & body and helps in our overall growth & development. Some most common benefits it has for individuals include-

Refining of motor skills

Enhancing Hand-Eye coordination

Promotes Critical Thinking

Develops Imagination

Teaches Rule-Following

Encourages Social Interaction

So, when you’re giving your home a new look, you’re also doing yourself a favor and nurturing your growth as an individual. Which makes it the perfect activity to do with your kids and propel their growth.

Finding The One For You!

By now you know you want to supplement your space with something creative and artistic, but what? We hope we’ve convinced you to give papercraft a slot in your Home decor brain map. So the next logical step is finding the one for you! But How?

Just because it looks all fun and easy, doesn’t mean you don’t need to put in the effort to find the perfect paper match for your home. There are still certain criteria you ought to account for before going gaga on a shopping spree!

Don’t worry though, we’ve helped you come this far, we’re gonna take you all the way.

To help you narrow your search, we’ll share with you briefly, the most popular kinds of papercraft you can use to spruce up your home, so you can make an informed decision. 

1. Origami

We knew this was coming, and it was only fair that we mentioned Origami first and foremost. It is the Japanese art of folding paper repeatedly to create various designs and figurines. These are most popularly seen as papercraft animals like swans in vibrant colors and can be made at home with a little guidance. 


To decorate, you can either use these as individual items and place them at various spots all over your home or you can get make a few of these and string them together with a common wire or fancy thread to make banners or hangings for the common spaces like your living room, dining area, or the designated area for entertaining.

2. Quilling

Quilling refers to the art of rolling, twisting, or coiling paper tightly to create desired shapes and designs to use as embellishments on other papercrafts. Due to its versatility and complementary nature, a lot of people refuse to describe it as a separate category and just count it as a supplemental craft.


Which is absurd! Because Quilling is an art form as old as time! Its roots can be traced back to Egyptian Eras and it shone as a proper form during the Renaissance period.

You can easily learn this craft and use it to repurpose your leftover art supplies and decorate those glaring empty spaces on your walls. The ideal design would start from the bottom-right of your wall and cover as much area as needed to give it the perfect look.

3. Folded Paper Art

Folded Paper Art is a broader term that includes, but is not limited to Origami. This form doesn’t necessarily need to include artifacts made only of pressed paper, the sheets can also be modified to add dimension.

3D Paper art is one of the most rapidly growing forms, with designs and patterns you would not want to take your eyes off of! You can find life-size or miniature versions of almost any animated character made in folded paper art, such is its growing craze worldwide!

Folded Paper Art

You can easily find pieces like this, or those less vibrant, or more endearing- basically any kind you want from many online portals. (But if you want the most unique and quality ones, you’re already at the right place!)

These can ideally be placed to supplement any space’s aesthetic values as corner tabletops, or you can give them the attention they deserve by placing them as statement pieces on your center table, either way, they will justify their worth!

4. Paper Lamps

Another brilliant invention in the world of papercraft is these innovative Paper Lamps that come in so many adorable designs that there’s no chance you can resist them! 

Paper Lamps

To be perfectly candid, with designs as phenomenal as these, such lamps don’t need to do anything to justify their cost, but these lamps do! Their dynamic lighting is the perfect quality and quantity to set the mood of any space.

These are the perfect addition n a modern home!

Found What You Were Looking For?

We hope this piece was as informative and fun for you as it was for us! If any part of it convinced you even in the slightest to give papercraft models a chance, we’d say it was worth it! It would be a cherry on top if you give Papercraft World a shot too, but we’re sure you’ll do that after you explore our collections anyways!

So here’s bidding adieu! Have Fun Decorating Your Home!

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