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Give Your House The WOW Factor With Papercraft World!

Derek Rohde

Whether you're bored at work like to stimulate nostalgia, or just love to craft,papercraft models are fun for you or your kids to spend time with.

Though it might seem like a somewhat childish hobby, there are many kinds of papercraft, varying in theme and difficulty.

Paper is most commonly used in everyday art and craft, particularly in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and hobbies. It is also more aesthetically pleasing to work with than paints, dyes, and other coloring materials. It's a popular medium in children's education because it's a simple yet visually appealing and enjoyable way to keep everyone engaged!

Paper planes were not the only papercraft that most of us learned as children. Various other craft models were taught to many of us in grade school, but most were quite easy to make. The complicated ones were best left to a few dedicated origami experts or to be painstakingly copied out of books.

Times have changed! We now have websites that sell us the art of paper folding uniquely, and they make complex models out of plain paper.

3D paper models are the latest paper project in the world of crafts. They come in a wide range of difficulty levels, and Thankfully, we,Papercraft World,are one of those websites.

Products We Offer

  1. 3D Wall Decor
  2. 3D Papercraft Animals
  3. Papercraft Masks
  4. Table Floor Decor
  5. Table Lamps Collection
  6. Subscription Models
  • 3D Wall Art Decor

You’d have still seen paper artifacts used as decor pieces to keep on top of surfaces, but seeing paper wall art on walls is a different game altogether!

Let us introduce you to the hottest wall decor today - Papercraft! Now you can get breathtakingly beautiful designs on your walls & tie your entire space together while simultaneously setting your walls apart effortlessly!

Create a mini-Jungle in your home by getting all the forest essentials as papercraft items and placing them around your home strategically, or go for that bold & unapologetic look with our vibrant statement pieces that are sure to stir conversations everywhere!

3D Wall Art Decor
  • 3D Papercraft Animals

Today when we think about animal figures, no longer do only vibrant, elaborate pieces come to mind; now we know how we can fuse the rich nature-y feel with a modern aesthetic for our sophisticated homes. This is where papercraft animals come into play!

To be honest, though, these can be a tad bit boring and predictable. So what options remain for the animal lovers who want to somehow incorporate their taste into their home? It's Us and Ourpaper animals!

Here, you will find every piece more astonishing than the previous one. Apart from being an exhilarating activity to assemble, these craft items can serve as the perfect multifaceted decor items that you can place anywhere & everywhere around the house.

3D Papercraft Animals
  • Papercraft Masks

If there has ever been a time to experiment and express, it’s NOW! In our rapidly evolving world, people are becoming more sensitive & accepting every passing day, and so it has become easier and easier to free yourself from societal norms and spice up your style as you’ve always wanted!

Let us act as the perfect medium to enable you to do so, and provide you with fun & quirky papercraft masks that are sure to spark a conversation wherever you go! Or if you’re trying to avoid socializing, you can also stay lowkey with our minimal designs that also hide your face.

Now you may think that the best time to get our stunning masks will be around Halloween, which is true to some extent as that is the most exciting time of the year when you get to dress all out and roam the streets having fun in peculiar clothing and spooky makeup.

For times like this, you must get our crazy & cool animal masks and paint the town red with your friends & family.

Papercraft Masks
  • Table Floor Décor

Finding table décor has never been easier! Transform your home into everything you have ever wanted with our magnificent craft items made for the unique papercraft décor experience!

Imagine your home as it is right now, now consider this - what’s missing? We know it can be difficult to answer this objectively as your home is special and holds so much meaning and significance for you that can’t really be measured into binaries of good & bad. But give it a try still.

Now imagine an adorable papercraft animal sitting on your corner table of your common seating area. Doesn’t it feel like it fits? Such are our exquisite pieces that go with every home & décor type!

And once you take these home, you’ll be grateful you did, because you’ll realize that these are the beauties that you didn’t even know you needed!

And what’s better than finding a zillion variations through which you can keep your creative senses alive and rejuvenated? At Papercraft World, find everything ranging from adorable bunnies or a 3d shark if that’s what you long for!

Table Floor Decor
  • Table Lamps Collection

Bid adieu to laziness and say hello to inspiration. Changing the lighting of a space can change the entire look of your room. A cool  paper lamp  is a stylish addition to your space and could easily become a conversation starter.

Everybody needs a good bedside lamp for some light night reading or completing the priority office work that needs your immediate attention and many more little tasks. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could get a lamp that would facilitate all such tasks for you, and also be a treat to the eyes?

This is where we come in! We don’t sell lamps like the rest- plain boring & old! We took the concept & freshened it up with our peculiar choice and premium taste! Presenting unique table lamps as you’ve never seen before made of paper!

Table Lamps Collection
  • Subscription Models

Keep this curiosity alive and learn how to make3d paper art while also making your house look as glam as ever! Pick from our subscription options to receive unseen & unreleased designs at home and start bringing them to life!

And nothing beats the rush and excitement of surprises! By subscribing to us, you can get sweet surprises every month, and obviously the exclusive experience you will get of getting our designs before the rest of the world even gets to see them! 

We have two monthly subscription offers for you. 

Get our Builders Club Subscription - 1 Model Monthly for only $9.95.

For bigger fun and time with your kids, get the best Unreleased Subscription Model. You will be first in line to receive our NEW papercraft models (often before they're even online). This can include floor models, wall models, masks, limited editions, and any new and fun designs we've recently released. 

Each model's retail price will be over $25, which means you can subscribe to save over 40% on your subscription models, with the added surprise of getting 2 new, unknown designs delivered to your door each month. 

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to papercraft world today & Start your crafting journey!

Subscription Models


Re-live your childhood memories by creating unique wall art using paper. That’s right, folks. Now, you can build a brilliant art piece with our DIY  papercraft kit  and flaunt it in front of your friends and family.

Go ahead and indulge yourself in an activity that knows no age, helps to bond with your loved ones, and enhances cognitive ability.

Your choice can reveal a lot about yourself, and we promise we’ll be there through every phase & whim alike! & let you explore and express yourself as crazy and wild as you want to be!

Explore our extensive collection and get those creative juices flowing!

Happy exploring the world of Paper Craft.

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