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How to add unique 3D wall art to your living room?

Derek Rohde

Are you looking for unique wall art to magnify the beauty of your place? If yes, you have landed in the right place. Today, we are going to share with you a secret recipe for enhancing your wall décor in a simple yet very impressive way. 

Have you ever heard of 3D  paper wall art? If not, you are going to be fascinated by the idea. It is a known way of adding texture to any room while making the place look more creative and designed. Not just this, below we are going to share some really trending ideas for creating designer 3D wall art. 

Here, we are going to take you through some ways in which you can decorate your walls with 3D art. 

We can assure you that you will fall in love with the idea of paper wall art once you are done reading this blog.

Different Ways to Add 3D wall art to your place

Textured wall panels 

Adding 3D art to your wall is something that will provide an optical illusion that enhances the overall visual of the room. Textured panels not only look enchanting but their capability of resonating with any interior design and style is just fascinating. These panels will add a 3D effect that makes the room look different in a different light. Another interesting thing about these textured panels is that they can be used in any room - living room, bathroom, bedroom, you name it. 

You can easily find a variety of panels made of different materials. You can choose between different panels depending on your style of room and budget. For example, wooden panels are good for a rustic look whereas the plastic and Styrofoam panels are less expensive. So, choose wisely. 

You can also plan your panel depending on the pattern that you want. 

Wall Murals | Another Smart Way Of Adding 3d Effect On Wall.

When it comes to unique  3D paper art ideas, there is no better option than wall murals with 3D effects. Wall murals are very popular among those who love the idea of adding a single piece onto the wall to turn it into the focal point for an eye. Now, when we talk about these 3D wall murals, we do not mean it has to be small. It can be as big as the entire wall or can be as small as a picture frame. 

There are two major types of wall murals - featuring photos and featuring images. Both these types of 3D wall art add the optical illusion you are looking for in your room. Those who wish to create a focal point in their room must try wall murals. 

Another reason why you should give wall murals a try is because of the elegance they withhold. By adding a 3D wall mural on your wall, your room will instantly reflect the sense of style. This statement piece will catch all the eyes and will become the major attraction in the room. 

3D Paper Wall Art | The Best Way of Adding 3D Wall Effect

We all have heard about it, tried it, and loved it once at least. Besides being fragile, there is no drawback to adding stunning-looking 3D paper art to your wall. They are vibrant and subtly add a missing color to the room. Along with adding texture, it will also create a great addition to your room for an eye to interact with. Since it is quite simple & cheap to create, it is just perfect for adding texture to your wall. 

Especially for origami lovers, this is the most fascinating task for you. But origami is not the only option you have. There are several different ways in which you can make beautiful and stunning 3D paper art for a wall. You can create paper butterflies or flowers to add to your wall.

In short, it is a fun and effective way of adding texture to the wall. Another good thing about paper art is that they are available in many different forms. For example  papercraft animals , flowers, birds, etc. You can get or create anything you like from paper and add it to your wall to give a 3D illusion. Since all you need is paper, it is quite an economical choice of 3D wall art. 

3D Wall Decor Stickers 

Since we are discussing 3D wall art, how can we forget about wall decor stickers? There is a huge variety of 3D wall art stickers that are readily available for choosing in the market. One cool thing about these stickers is that large 3D wall stickers work the same way as the wall murals do. 

These wall stickers come in a lot of variety of images you can select from. This opens up new possibilities for giving your room a personal touch. The best thing about these wall stickers is that you can easily find a set of small and large stickers to complete the illusion. 

One other reason why these 3D wall decor stickers are becoming a trend is their easy availability. On top of it, you will easily get the variety in these 3D wall stickers. 

3D wall Sculptures 

Another very cool idea for creating 3D wall art is to add some cool 3D wall sculptures. Today, there are several unique and artistic 3D wall sculptures that you can choose from. Once you decide to go with these wall sculptures, you will be amazed to find out how many different materials are there using which these sculptures are built. Some of these options are - 

  • Metal 3D wall sculptures - These are the sculptures that are designed using different types of metals. Silvery metal sculptures are the best for contemporary interior design whereas the iron and brass wall sculptures are most suitable for vintage & rustic interiors. Lastly, there are the gold sculptures - they are the best for the luxurious interior. 
  • Wooden 3D wall sculptures -Another very popular choice of 3D wall structures is the wooden 3D wall sculptures. These are the most beautiful and loved types of sculptures available on the market. The best thing about these sculptures is that they go with most styles of interiors. 
  • Plaster 3D wall sculptures -You can also find plaster sculptures in the market. People with expensive taste and traditional homes usually prefer choosing these plaster sculptures. 
  • Glass & Mirror sculptures - Glass and mirror wall sculptures are also a very popular choice of 3D wall sculptures today. Although these sculptures are fragile, still they look stunning and very interesting. Another very good thing about these sculptures is that they can resonate well with any kind of interior style. 

These are a few types of 3D wall sculptures that are available easily on the market. 

3D Metal Decor 

Next in the line of ideas to add 3D art to walls is by using 3D metal decor. Metal decoration has become a very popular choice today. Especially when it comes to creating 3D wall art, it is one of the go-to solutions for most interior designers. These metal panels can come in several different shapes and sizes - starting from simple rectangular, square, and round, to some very complicated shapes. 

Apart from shapes, these metal decor items also come in several unique designs to resonate with your interior. Mostly, these metal decor items come in silver, black, and gold colors. 

These are some famous 3D wall art designs that can create the needed optical illusion. All the things mentioned above have become a very popular choice for people looking for 3D textures. 

Be it any style of interior, you can easily find the 3D wall art to resonate with it. 

There are many places from where you can buy all the above-mentioned materials.

Depending on the interior style and your taste, you can select the type of 3D wall art. We hope this list of unique ideas to add 3D wall art will help you magnify the beauty and texture of your place. 

Things To Note While Selecting The 3d Wall Art 

There are many things that you need to keep a check on when choosing the 3D wall art. Some of these things are checking the interior of the place you are planning to add these 3D wall arts to, your budget, and the material that suits the overall style of the room. Designing a room is one of the most interesting and at the same time exhausting tasks if you do not know what you want. 

Considering the things that we have mentioned above is something that will help you select the right wall art that resonates with your interior style and decor. 

Bottom Line

In the end, we would like to say that adding 3D wall art to your room can bring up the entire look of the place. All the options mentioned above are great. Choose wisely and make your place look more lively and colorful. Be it 3D wallpaper, 3D wall murals, 3D wall art, or 3D paper art, you can find multiple options to enhance the beauty of your place. 

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