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Incorporate Eco-Friendly Papercraft Gifts This Holiday Season

Ville Mikkolainen

The beauty and fashion goods on this list, whether they are from one of our favorite sustainable fashion brands or eco-friendly local businesses, come guilt-free and are sure to last your receivers for years. Some of the occasions that people look forward to the most during the year are the holiday season, birthdays, and anniversaries. We get to create some of the best memories of our lives while spending priceless time with our loved ones and friends. Gift them a paper-crafted  animal lamp  or home decor modeland light up their world sustainably.

But selecting the right gifts for your friends and family can be difficult and expensive. Consider spending some time making a gift by hand rather than rushing to the store to get a cheap generic present. Personalized gifts are excellent presents, especially if you need Christmas gift ideas. Because they demonstrate to the receiver how much thought, effort, and time went into producing them, handmade presents are excellent gift suggestions. This may often mean far more to the recipient than any expensive buy.

So, this holiday season, surprise your loved ones with distinctive paper craft presents that are simple to make and are sure to be treasured! Following are some of our favorite paper craft ideas and helpful hints to get you started.

Let's move on to the easy papercraft projects now.

Gift Boxes

By creating adorable DIY gift boxes to wrap your gifts in, you can give them a unique twist. Embellish recycled berry boxes and egg cartons to hold treats, gift cards, etc.

Another concept is to create a lovely wine bottle case out of postal tubes. Milk cartons and toilet paper rolls can also be fashioned into creative gift boxes. The world is open to you!

Gift Card Holders

Gift cards are a terrific way to surprise your loved ones this holiday season, especially if you're not sure what else to get them.

Wrap your gift cards in custom gift card holders to give them a little extra excitement. This minor adjustment will give your present a personal touch. After all, what matters is the thought.

Or, get the best  3D shark for your kid and make them feel special this holiday season.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns make lovely presents. They are really simple to construct and may be personalized to give your present a special touch. Making hanging or tabletop lanterns is one option.

A paper luminary built in the style of Morocco using cardboard paper, pencils, a candle, and glass is a nice illustration. Create your own design on the cardboard with a pencil, and then use a thumb pin to punch holes in it. Place the candle in the lantern's glass after forming the cardboard into a cylinder.

Christmas-themed lanterns are also excellent choices for the holiday season.

Paper Turkey Centerpiece

There is no requirement to spend money on a pricey decorative item for the Christmas tree. Colored construction paper can be used to create straightforward reindeer or Santa’s sleigh. You won't believe how simple it is to make these!

Origami Paper Containers

A crowd favorite is usually origami. Get the youngsters involved; creating origami drawings can be enjoyable as well.

To surprise your dinner guests, you can create lovely origami paper containers with patterned paper and fill them with sweets.

Paper Gift Bags

This Lunar New Year, charming DIY paper gift bags are a great way to wrap your presents. No matter if you're giving cash or gifts, smart gift packaging can elevate even the most basic presents!

Paper Flowers

Without having to take any from nature, paper flowers are the ideal substitute for real flowers. Additionally, they will never wilt and will always be in season, making them the ideal lifetime gift! Papercraft with our  3D Lotus Flower to unfold a world of wonder.

Paper Quilled Photo Frame

A paper picture frame makes a wonderful present that will last a lifetime. Make a custom paper frame that your loved one can fill with a photo of their choice. Alternatively, you might embellish the frame's center to produce an accent piece.

Wall Hanging

No matter the occasion, a wall hanging can be made with a piece of cardboard and some old paper. For instance, a wall hanging in the shape of Santa Claus or Christmas wreaths would be apt as a Christmas present.

Shadow Box

A shadow box makes an excellent mantelpiece or centerpiece present. A shadow box can be made for any occasion, including Halloween, Easter, or Christmas. Just adjust the paper, ink, and stamps to the situation!

Paper Wind Chimes

Although these colorful, happy paper wind chimes won't make a twinkling sound in the wind, they will add life and color to any space.

Paper Mugs

Paper mugs make for interesting gift holders. Fill the mugs with chocolates or your loved ones' preferred coffee or tea blends, and decorate them with pertinent quotes or images. It's a creative and enjoyable way to wrap your presents!

Card Sets

Given their usefulness, personalized notecard sets make fantastic presents for friends and family. They can send birthday or Christmas cards all year long or use the tiny cards to traditionally stay in touch with loved ones.

Photo Gifts

Some of our most cherished moments are captured in photos. Create a little paper photo album or a photo envelope to further personalize your photos. As a creative wall hanging, you can also create a photo garland.

Starry 3D Christmas Tree Toppers As Showstoppers

The 3D Christmas tree toppers are easy to make and won’t take much of your DIY efforts while making them. You will only need some card stock with a metallic or sparkly texture. They’ll feel as lightweight as a feather, and the receiver will be more than happy to place them on the Christmas Tree!

Paper Snowflakes The Kids Will Love

Get your kids indulged in a whole crafternoon of paper snowflakes making, and surely, they will enjoy the whole time of this fun activity. And the best part is, you don’t require a sleigh of Santa’s Christmas supplies to make these. Only a pair of scissors, some card paper, or tracing paper would be suffice for the feat.

So what are you waiting for? Fasten the seat belts of your little angels and get them on a journey to make dreamy snowflakes for their loved ones. The best part is - your kids will be the happiest creatures when the receiver compliments them.

Dreamy Christmas DIY Cards

Let loose your creative reindeers and let them roam around to gather innovative ideas to make dreamy Christmas DIY cards for your loved ones. You can decorate the cards with glitter papers, sparkly snowflakes, or even ribbons and small beads. The idea is to spill out your inner creativity on the card you are making.

You can also go for a minimalist design, rock n roll style, or even a gaudy showoff. Just take care to please your inner artist so that he can please the one receiving a beautiful personalized and handmade Christmas card.

Go For DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Going for a DIY gift idea, but dressing it up with a readymade gift tag? No, we won’t let you do such an injustice to your personalized gift. There are multiple ways of showing your creative punch with gift tags, and you can go with anyone you like.

So gather all your creative supplies or leftovers to make beautiful tags to mesmerize your loved ones. You may use card paper, sketch pens, glue, tracing paper, glitters, stamps, stickers, or anything you can come up with. 

Make your festive gifting fun and joyful while jazzing up your loved ones’ mood. Plan according to their taste - go for a simple and sleek one if they are a calm and composed person, or go for a glittery one, if they are an extrovert. Let your tag match their style!

How About A Cute Little DIY Mistletoe?!

No one can miss out on a mistletoe, right? Roll on your sleeves to make this one if you want people to go head over heels for you, wink! The best thing is you only need very less supplies for a cute little DIY mistletoe to amaze them with your creativity.

Flaunt Your Gift With A Personalized Dress

Who doesn’t love dressing us for special occasions? Absolutely no one! So why not flaunt your gift with cute little personalized apparel!

Give your eco-friendly papercraft gifts a gentlemanly vibe with cute darling bows. Amp up your gifting bit with the adorable DIY bows. These will look even more adorable while resting under your Christmas tree.

Gift A Party Vibe With Bunting Paper Flags

Bunting paper is a great way to radiate party vibes. And what’s better than gifting a whole party vibe to your loved ones? Keeping them away from candles (just kidding)!

So get ready to make your loved ones’ home merrier and brighter with some lively bunting paper flags. Take out those festive strings, some cards or thick papers, a pair of scissors, some sketch pens if you want, and sprinkle everything together to create the liveliest Christmas vibes.

Cover Your Gift Cover In Love And Art

Did you know you can wrap your wrapping paper too with DIY art? No? We’ll tell you how. You just have to give your creative instincts a kick and get them to start off with anything they see at first.

Decorate your wrapping paper with DIY stamps like reindeer antlers, Santa’s face, a Christmas tree, or just simply a star. Making DIY stamps is like a walk in the park! The most basic way is to get a potato and engrave the desired shape on it. And tada! You are ready to paint it on your wrapping paper!

Now get a plain wrapping paper and get it wrapped into your creativity and DIY designs. 

Gift A DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

Make your loved ones’ home filled with dreamy vibes with a DIY mason jar snow globe. You can go for a waterless one by opting to fill the jar with fake snow. All you have to do is to take a mason jar, glue all the decorative items to its lid inside, and put the jar upside down.

You can use any showpiece for decoration- Christmas trees, snowmen, foam balls as fake snow, glitter, reindeer, presents, and much more. You can also gift multiple mason jar snow globes of different sizes. Whether the receiver puts it on display in their window or on the mantel, it will always look dreamy.

Hand Sewn Journal

Any family member would appreciate a straightforward, handwritten journal. Decorate the journal with one-of-a-kind patterns and stitches that reflect the recipient's personality. For a little nostalgia, you might also create a scrapbook with pictures of special times in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Paper Bookmarks

A bookmark is the second-best gift you can give to a reader after a book. For a book lover, a plain paper book corner or a decorative bookmark will be appreciated gifts. It is useful for keeping track of where they are while reading and will prevent any pages from being dog-eared. Bonus points if they remember you each time they read as well!


Giving gifts is done in order to make the recipient happy. Gifts don't necessarily have to be elaborate or expensive. Because of the time and effort you put into producing them, homemade presents can be just as precious as the ones you buy at the store.

Therefore, for their upcoming birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, give the gift of your time to your loved ones.

Happy paper crafting!

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