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Pre-Numbered PaperCraft (if your design already has numbers): 


1. Punch out the pieces from the sheet, being careful not to rip the paper. The numbers on the paper will be used to match pieces.

2. Refer to the BLOCK DIAGRAM on the guide provided with your design. Beginning with the first block, gather all pieces together that belong to the same block.

3. Pre-fold pieces where scored. Dotted lines fold INSIDE toward numbers, dashed lines fold OUTSIDE away from numbers.

4. Begin by glueing numbers in order. NOTE: tabs are glued INSIDE of paper on the side the numbers are.

5. Start by assembling one block in complete, then move onto others and join the blocks as you go.

6. Continue to glue numbers until your masterpiece is finished!

Non-Numbered PaperCraft (if your design does not have numbers): 

1. Open the package and unfold the paper on a flat surface
2. Locate the white assembly sheet
3. Find the word ‘write’ or an arrow as on assembly sheet
4. Make sure paper is face up with the word ‘write’ or with an arrow, do not reverse cutouts at this time.
5. Copy all the numbers from the assembly sheet to the paper cutouts.

      • Note: You may have to turn the cut out or assembly sheet to match the diagrams.
      • Note: Some pieces may be identical, but reversed, ensure to copy the numbers to the correct cutouts.

    6. Once all numbers are copied, punch out cutouts carefully to not rip the paper.
    7. While keeping numbers face up, fold cutouts on the dotted line.

      • Note: paper may have creases already from folding, use the diagram as a guide for where to create folds and ignore the creases that may already be created from packaging the paper.
      • Dotted lines: full fold
      • Dashed lines: half fold

    8. Glue the arrows as shown on assembly sheet for each cut out first, this will make connecting the pieces easier.
    9. Glue the numbers together in order ensuring that glued tabs are on the inside of paper (the side with numbers)

      • Note: In rare cases the tabs may be on the outside (face) of the design
      • Note: It is not always necessary to glue numbers in order as long as they match, however for more detailed designs it may be helpful.
    Tips for glueing:
    • Apply only enough glue as is needed and make sure glue extends to corners of each tab
    • Refer to the diagram or images on our website to ensure you’re gluing correctly
    • Our favorite glue:

    Note, if it doesn’t look right, it likely isn’t! Our products are designed to fit very well together and each piece should match.

    If it is your first time constructing a papercraft, we recommend using glue that can be removed if needed or if you make any mistakes. Go slow and, most of all, have fun!