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Sign up and receive 2 new models monthly for over 40% off. 

You will be first in line to receive our NEW models (often before they're even online). This can include floor models, wall models, masks, limited edition, and any new and fun designs we've recently released. 

Each model's retail price will be over $25, that means you can subscribe to save over 40% on your subscription models, with the added surprise of getting 2 new, unknown designs delivered to your door each month. 

What better way to sooth your papercraft fix? 

We have many customers who like to make all of our designs, now it's easier than ever to be first in line and be guaranteed two new designs each month! 

We're busy designing away and can't wait to send you your new models! 

Models ship after the 10th of each month and will be delivered in the appropriate time frame to your location. For example, if you begin your subscription on the 6th, we will ship on the 10th, and if you begin your subscription on the 11th, we'll ship the same day. Make sense? Great!

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Shipping is charged separately and calculated as a flat rate. Shipping as well as the subscription fee will be charged monthly. Shipping rates will vary between $4-$7 depending on your country and will be reflected during checkout. For remote locations including Canada, shipping will be around $20. 

If you have any other quetions, please write us at hello@papercraftworld.com