Challenge YourSelf with Our PaperCraft Models

January 08, 2023 3 min read

Hey Builders,

No matter how comfortable you feel as a crafter, PaperCraft World has a kit to ease you into the polygonal art waters gradually. Each PaperCraft World project comes in one of five levels of difficulty, ranging from simple creations suitable for kids ages 6 and up to complex projects that can put your crafting skills to the test. Our papercrafts are available for every age group.

Today we have prepared for you the top 3 models from each category beginning from the easiest to the most difficult ones.

The Beginner Level: 6+ years of age

MINI HEART MODEL Our distinctive method of practice. This 'Easy' graded model is a delightful way to begin your PaperCraft journey or to show that particular someone you care - you can even hide chocolates inside!

MOUSE 3D PAPER MODEL LAMP Who knew mice could be so adorable? Formed in the shape of a gnawing nibbler, this 3D mouse figurine produced from premium-grade origami paper has been designed in the veneration of ratty rodents.

BABY TIGER 3D PAPER MODEL LAMP Ideal 3D paper kirigami decorations for decorating classrooms, daycares, infant nurseries, playrooms, and kid’s events, our adorable jungle tiger cub miniatures have earned their stripes. The Easy Level: 10+ years of age

LOTUS FLOWER Unfold a world of wonder with this 3D lotus flower sculpted out of purple and green craft paper. Use the origami flower as a shelf ornament, table decoration or floral centerpiece.

DRAGONFLY WALL ART Turn your room or event venue into a dreamy fairyland with the hanging of this whimsical 3D golden dragonfly decoration featuring delicate cutout wings made from gold paper.

KOI FISH 3D PAPER MODEL Kirigami art accents for decorating shelves, desks or tabletops, these colorful 3D paper koi fish decorations represent the balance of yin-yang when displayed together. The Normal Level:

12+ years of age

T-REX WALL ART Go on a Jurassic journey back in time with this 3D paper art model arranged to capture the savage nature of the prehistoric era’s most infamous dinosaur.

RACCOON MODEL Made out of sturdy craft paper in grayscale tones, this 3D raccoon papercraft decoration mysteriously looms on all fours crouched in a sneaky midnight prowl position.

BEAGLE DOG MODEL Stubborn and strong-willed, beagles are dogs known to cause a stir though they remain loyal to their owners. Place the decorative paper ornament on a shelf, desk or table.

The Challenging Level: 16+ years of age

RHINO HEAD WALL ART Rhinos remind us to control our own destinies because they are independent and stubborn. Keep this mounted 3D rhinoceros sculpture on your wall to be an inspiration. Our papercraft rhino bust, which is mountable and made of paper, provides excellent symbolic wall décor for the home or office.


CHAMELEON 3D MODEL Chameleons are reptiles with bug-eyed eyes that serve as a reminder to be adaptable, flexible, and open to change. This 3D shelf decoration, designed to resemble the only color-morphing lizard in the world, invites imaginative creativity and vivacious imagination into the house or workplace.


WALL ART OF A DEER HEAD IN GOLD, LIMITED EDITION To create our deer head trophy, no animals were harmed. This paper-based, three-dimensional kirigami creation is the kind of non-cruelty award we can get used to. Place it atop a mantle, entryway, or sofa to give your room a rustic, cozy, yet trendy, modern appeal.


The Legendary Level: 16+ years of age

RED DRAGON MODEL Our largest, most challenging model to date. This enormous statue of a crimson and gold-horned dragon has its wings spread wide and its fangs exposed. 

The best way to bridge the gap is to spend time together. Paper crafts can bring out the kid in all of us. There is no better way to enjoy an indoor activity together than to create something you’ll both love. Regroup, concentrate, relax and reconnect with the artistic abilities deep-rooted within as you turn ordinary paper into showstopping 3D works of art. Happy Papercrafting!